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Chain-Link Fence Parts

Safety • Security • Containment

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Wire & Tubing

Are you looking for materials to build your own fence? We offer everything from A to Z relating to chain-link. We can provide the essential materials—tubing and chain-link wireas easily as we can the completed fences and panels. We buy these materials in large quantities. This allows us to offer good retail prices to other fencing companies as well as homeowners.

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chain link fence rolls
chain-link fence parts and tools

Tools & Supplies

Whether it is the supplies, or the tools to make use of the supplies, our location has what you need to build a quality chain-link fence. This includes anything from a specialty item such as a hog ring tool (used to fasten the chain-link wire to the tube frame) to a very common item such as a pack of bolts to fasten your gate. It also includes the barbed wire rolls, quick-rock, temporary panel bases and more.

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Fence Fittings

“Chain-link fence parts and fittings galore” is an accurate description of what we have available. We have worked hard to make a fence system that will work in a variety of places. Part of this versatility was providing all the right parts. Our parts inventory includes post caps, rail ends, sleeves, tension bars, tie wires, tighteners, clamps, barbed wire arms, and all other needed chain-link fence parts.

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chain link fence parts
chain link fence gates parts

Gate Parts

Just as we have worked hard to provide all the needed fence fittings and parts, so we have also worked hard to provide all the needed gate parts. We offer versatile and comprehensive gate parts packages. Included are hinges, latches, sliding gate rollers, elbows, swivel gate wheels, as well as the basic items, such as bolts. These gate parts work for cantilever gates, swing gates, double gates, barrier gates, and more.

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Privacy Slats

One of the notable aspects of chain-link fence is that it provides safety and security without blocking your view. What other fence systems offer both the level of visibility and degree of security of the chain-link systems? Few if any! However, maybe you are not wishing for maximum visibility. Maybe you want more privacy. Insert a few slats and separate your private life from the outside world.

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chain link privacy slats

Inspiration Gallery

Over the years we have sold many chain-link fence and kennel jobs to the commercial, residential, and agricultural markets. This gallery showcases some of those projects. It is designed to offer insight and inspire thoughts and ideas for your next project.

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