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Dog Kennels

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Dog Runs

We build our dog kennels as either multi-unit dog runs or as single-unit wire dog kennels. These units are great for boarding kennels or other large dog kennels. We are able to build to your needs. We can add features that accommodate your situation. Give us a call to get started.

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dog boxes

Dog Boxes

Any outdoor kennel needs a spot for your dog to get out of the weather. That is what these dog boxes are for. Adding a dog box to a kennel is easy. We simply add a custom opening at one end. This opening is built so that a dog box can easily be mounted to the kennel. This makes it easy for your dog to move comfortably in and out of the box.

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Wire Kennels

These chain-link wire dog kennels are built to accommodate your unique kennel needs. You name the size and we build it. Plus we can add a dog box opening, a canvas awning top, feeder bowl assembly and more. After we have designed and built the kennel you can set it anywhere. They are free-standing and easy to place and install where you wish. Wire kennels are a simple solution with great features.

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custom dog kennel panel

Shed Panels

Are you needing a chain-link panel built to exact measurements? We are here to help. All we need is the exact height and width of the opening where you need a panel. We are focused on building chain-link panels that match your exact need. Asking us to make a shed panel unique to your need, is like asking a fish to swim. It fits who we are.

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Our goal is to provide everything you need for a dog kennel. Whether a uniquely sized shed panel, a dog box, or even the extras and accessories, we aim to be a one-stop-shop for chain-link. If you need to go somewhere else to get what you need, because we do not have it, then we are not living up to our standards. We aim to make it easy to find a complete chain link system, by providing awnings, feeder bowls, special latches, and much more.

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Inspiration Gallery

Over the years we have sold many chain-link fence and kennel jobs to the commercial, residential, and agricultural markets. This gallery showcases some of those projects. It is designed to offer insight and inspire thoughts and ideas for your next project.

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